In summer 2017 we built a pyramid, the Ephemeral Pyramid. The group consisted of ten young artists, architects and designers who gathered for this event. We cut and painted around 400 wooden sticks and laid them out as fields. From horizontal to vertical. In ancient times, Egyptians would help themselves with wooden structures to build the Pyramids. They would form a series of wooden steps to lift the blocks of stone. One woman, Marta, designed a structure giving an abstract reading to the theory: from a block of stone arises a cube and from there, a line structure. We captured the scenario from different perspectives, including the bird's-eye view (filmed with a drone). Dressed in white working clothes, some of us with hats, we interpreted the pyramid through our bodies.

        Did it really exist? There was no apparent function or witness, it was deconstructed that same day. If the tent functions as an enclosed space providing shelter, hosting family dramas, military bodies, wandering in nature with scouts, then the pyramid is a Fata Morgana. Something holding mystery, indicating duration. Is the proof of its existence the fact that it had to disappear again? The pyramid was a one day creative company, a conglomerate; a pop up pyramid.

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Photography: María Gaminde, Mau Morgó
Team: María Gaminde, Mateo Palazzi, Paloma Lanna, Laura Sebastianes, Zoe Pingel, Carlota Guerrero, Elisa Sanfeliu, Claire Romain, Marta Armengol, Mau Morgó, Sociedad 0.

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