To collect means to gather together.
A collection defines a group of things or people. My aim is to connect these two by material forms. Through experimenting and playful making process I realised my own take on what a collection is. I set myself a framework: the form finding process had to be based on rectangular and circular shapes and limited to cutting and folding. The material should be easily accesible. I played with the idea that the color and material itself carries connotations such as waste, inexpensiveness, butchers workwear, cleanness and fetish. The color makes me think of pinkness, my experience in foreign places, where pink shines in a different light The body is inevitable in my collections. It activates the collection, together they become a body of work. Fluid materials make me want to touch, put on, knot, look and change it.


Cover to see, Cover to not see, 30x30cm
Take object, 30x37cm
Duo, 30x188cm
Single, 60x60cm
Case, 40x60cm
Outlook, 30x30cm
One-sided, 30x60cm
Du-rag, 87x60cm
Half-circle, 30x60cm

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