The past years I have been exploring the relationship body — surface — space.

        A garment can be a house/ a tent can collapse/
a scarf is never just a scarf. The way we surround ourselves with surfaces and project ideas onto them challenges my creative process. I aim to change, cut, fold, build, define, and explore the possibilities of these. Studying ways of cutting into paper, inventing terms such as ‘immediate textiles’. I aim to look at the constitution and condition of the mattress and the square, the exact way a tower is constructed, the proximity to my body as a scale. And then there is duration in my work: the bodiless mattress thrown out on the street, a garment without its wearer, the dismantlement of a pyramid. This makes me question the essence of things and if/ how they still exist after being used/ standing on their own (do they become bodies? are they a Fata Morgana?)

        Read full essay: My Title is a Blanket, on ideas as things

  For my graduation project I have made a collection of objects that reflect on the exploration described above.
        (Hand knitted mohair masks, hand double-woven cotton blanket, tent garment, screen printed silk scarves, book collection, mattress)



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